Take The Sustainable Solution

Take the Sustainable Flooring Solution As more people look to build eco-friendly homes, the need for sustainable building supplies and materials has also increased. One big factor people have to take into consideration is flooring. Did you know? Vinyl generates 37,000 tonnes of waste, with 5,000 tonnes being post installation and 32,000 originates from post …

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The Problem With Searching For ‘Factory Flooring’?

You would be mistaken to think that your options for factory flooring simply meant choosing between wooden or vinyl flooring solutions, as these are the results you would get when searching ‘factory flooring’ on Google. However, this is probably not what you’re after and you probably have to re-search with more specific terms. Factory flooring …

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Commercial Flooring Tips

Commercial Flooring Tips & Ideas Whether you’re moving to a new office or require a facelift for your existing space, there’s no doubt that office environment contributes to employee satisfaction and efficiency. Here are a few things you should take into consideration when deciding on a new floor. Options, options, options There are different types …

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