Commercial Flooring Tips

Commercial Flooring Tips & Ideas

Whether you’re moving to a new office or require a facelift for your existing space, there’s no doubt that office environment contributes to employee satisfaction and efficiency. Here are a few things you should take into consideration when deciding on a new floor.

Options, options, options

There are different types of office flooring you can consider based on your business needs. Carpeting, Vinyl or wooden floors are some of your options. However, these can cause a few problems on down the line.

Carpets are popular for providing some sort of noise reduction in offices but overtime they can be hard to keep clean and in pristine shape especially if there is a lot of movement and taking accidents into consideration.

Vinyl flooring is a better option for some business as it’s softer under foot and again offers sound reduction, but it can be susceptible to cuts and tears from furniture moving or sharp objects being dropped on it. It also requires a good bit of subfloor preparation as the floor needs to be perfect or else lumps and bumps can be seen through it.

 can sometimes look cheap and can wear quite badly, and wooden floors are not great for sound reduction.

The power of colour

Everyone nowadays knows the importance of branding for your business, and this shouldn’t stop at your office door. Colour and branding of your floor can change the look and feel of your whole office, different colours and textures can be used to distinguish between different areas or simply represent the whole brand identify throughout your space. Don’t underestimate the power of colour for both your employees and customers! 

Don’t underestimate comfort

Most employees spend anything between half and three-quarters of their waking hours in the workplace. it’s easy to see why comfort is vital.

Your employees should feel comfortable at the office. That cannot be over emphasised. The impression you create is very important for your customers and with a good one you can attract many more in the future.

Worker comfort directly affects important predictors of business efficiency, such as productivity, job satisfaction, retention, well-being, and worker health. So it makes sense to approach comfort right from design to relations.

Don’t compromise on quality and life span

Think endurance when making a choice. You don’t want to save cost and yet incur repair expenses in the future. Cut expenses in other sectors of your business, but don’t settle for cheap flooring.

The hassle to relay flooring every couple of years can cause all sorts of logistical problems for your business. You don’t want that. It’s best to look for a flooring solution that has a longer life span which means less hassle down the line.

Look for the best choice that will survive the day to day rigours of a busy work space. Your flooring should be able to withstand the pressure of daily constant use.

Go for excellent durability that can stand the test of time with lower life cycle cost. You need a flooring solution that doesn’t compromise quality for lower prices, if you are really tight on budget.