Protecting Your Commercial Flooring During The Winter Months

Businesses can incur a number of problems throughout the winter months, but their commercial flooring should not be one of them. Winter can cause problems with logistics and even staff when cold weather strikes but one of the last things people expect is to have to replace a large section of their floor die to damage.

Regular cleaning

Leaving a floor with no maintenance or cleaning can lead to chemical and debris damage. A very simple way of avoiding this is a regular cleaning schedule and ensuring your commercial floor is maintained with the appropriate chemicals.

Sealing the floor

In certain circumstances your company flooring may need to be sealed using sealing products. With cold weather and damp comes the risk of cracking in epoxy and ceramic tile flooring solutions. One commercial flooring solution found to beat the risk of cracking is interlocking PVC floor tiles.

Avoid salt on the floor

One of the biggest risks in winter for flooring can be salt. In todays world salt has been chemically engineered to best tackle frosty mornings. A major problem with this is the extreme damage it can cause to your floor. Once sand, dirt and water are mixed they can be a lethal combination leaving scratches and chips that will lead to entire areas having to be replaced. The solution for this is regular cleaning and ensuring matting areas and drainage are available to make sure the mixture isn’t walked throughout the entire floor space.

Risk Assessment

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail! Before winter arrives with its potential threats to your commercial floor carry out a risk assessment. What would happen if a frozen pipe bursts? What if salt residue damages your floor beyond repair? What if a customer slips on a wet area where water has gathered due to a slope in your floor? These are all possible conditions that can be avoided with a proper risk assessment and putting plans in place in the event that these happen.

Proper drainage

An obvious point but surprisingly come the time of extreme rain or meting ice and snow a lot of companies can be left with large puddles and damage to their workshop or working space. Ensure drainage is unblocked and correctly positioned to handle large amounts of water. The last thing any business needs is down time after all time is money.

Clean out washer scrubber dryers

With solutions such as interlocking floor tiles and epoxy cleaning machinery can be used to maintain large areas. These machines have scrubbing pads and rubber belts to clear dirty water and stones that may have got lodged in the machine or pad.

Health and safety

Finally, and this is a major point. When any cleaning, maintenance or repair is going on with your floor, the staff and customers safety is paramount. Clearly cordon off damaged areas and mark cleaning in progress with signage to avoid injury or delay. A et floor sign may seem obvious but it can save any accidents and avoid major incident.

For further advice do not hesitate to call the R-Tek team and let us help preserve your commercial interlocking flooring.