Exhibition Flooring

R-Tile is the perfect base flooring for the entire exhibition floor space and flooring solution for all individual exhibiting stands. Enquire Now.

R-Tile Exhibition Flooring

R-Tile is an ideal flooring solution for exhibition spaces and individual stands. With fast installation and a wide range of styles and colours, it offers customisation options. R-Tile suits various exhibition types and provides a reusable and time-saving solution.

The R-Tile range of high-quality flooring offers an excellent alternative to traditional non-slip exhibition flooring solutions such as sheet vinyl and carpet.

Slip resistance and flooring safety are important considerations in busy exhibition environments, our range of flooring tiles offer anti-slip properties, making them a safe and ideal flooring solution for busy environments with high traffic footfall.

Made from Recycled hard wearing PVC and covered by a warranty, you can have confidence that the R-Tile Range is the correct choice for your exhibition flooring.

Each tile comes in various textures, colours and thicknesses, allowing you to have exhibition flooring tiles that fit your needs perfectly.

Why Choose R-Tile For Exhibition Flooring

The Retail range offers a modern design suitable for showcasing all types of products, particularly those from the retail sector, however the Standard R-Tile range covers the more weight demanding of exhibition flooring for garage / manufacturing / industrial and gym sectors.

Like all tiles in the R-Tile range, the Retail Flooring options are reusable while being quick and easy to install, giving you more time to focus on preparing the rest of the exhibition stand.

Once the exhibition has ended the R-Tile flooring can be quickly removed and reused at your next show or re-purposed for a different venue / flooring location.

Easy to install

Lower life cycle cost

Reduces dust and noise

Easy to clean and maintain

Save Time

CE accredited

No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required

Environmentally sustainable

Excellent durability and slip resistance

Reduces fatigue

Warm – insulates the industrial floor

Choice of 10 colours

The R-Tile can be used to help showcase your products by combining multiple colours and styles to help differentiate between your products or brands.

There is an R-Tile product suitable for every exhibition. For the more Industrial and Commercial sector the Dovetail interlocking tile in Textured, Checkered or Studded would be ideal.

For exhibitions where extreme weights aren’t a consideration, the R-Tile Retail Flooring would be the perfect option. Consisting of the Design & Urban Tile Collections, these two ranges offer a selection of stylish, modern designs suitable for the less demanding, more attractive trade show floor.

Like all tiles in the R-Tile range, the Retail Flooring options are reusable while being quick and easy to install, giving you more time to focus on preparing the rest of the exhibition stand.

R-Tile Design Collection Commercial & Retail Flooring

This video offers a quick and easy guide to why you should choose the R-Tile Design Collection for your flooring project.

The Design Tile has been a revolution in projects across the world. With the R-Tile now being sold in over 21 different countries and growing the interlocking loose lay system matched with amazing patterns and designs has attracted global brands such as Tesco and Aldi. This patented technology combines the easy install of an interlocking loose lay system with the design and aesthetics of luxury vinyl to offer something unique and special. The Design Tile offers a reduction in down time. If you need further evidence take a look at the video.


Our commercial flooring products were all developed with a quick and easy installation in mind. No dust, loud noise and long closures with the R-Tile. To give you an idea of just how quick it is, 200M2 with just 3 installers can be achieved in just 1 day.

Learn everything you need to know on just how simple the R-Tile is installed to transform your space.

Commercial Interlocking Floor Tile Applications

With the versatility of the R-Tile it can be used in several commercial & retail spaces. We have created a list below of possible applications varying from heavy duty needs and areas with high foot traffic.

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