Is Your Kitchen Floor Ready For Christmas?

With ‘#Christmas’ seeming to trend on social media every day these days, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we need to start getting ready for all the upcoming festivities.

Christmas is a time for spending with friends and family, exchanging gifts, sharing food and enjoying the usual Christmas conversations about what films to watch or what games to play.

However, as the host of the Christmas gatherings it can be stressful for you to make sure your home is in tip top condition and everything is where it should be. Especially with the winter weather now firmly upon us, one important thing you may consider updating or changing is your kitchen floor, as some kitchen flooring types can be hard to keep clean and can look grubby in no time.

Reasons to choose interlocking floor tiles for your kitchen floor

  • Easy to clean – Accidental spillages of cherry from gran or the kids knocking over something is something all too popular when everyone gets together, so it’s important to have a kitchen floor that’s easily maintained! Luckily our interlocking floor tiles are incredibly easy to clean, they’re highly resistant to heavy foot traffic and simply need to be wiped clean and mopped on a regular basis.
  • Quick to install – We can get your new kitchen floor tiles installed by the time you go out for a day’s shopping and home again! Our interlocking floor tiles are incredibly easy to install and require very little preparation. They can simply be laid over your current floor and the interlocking mechanism makes installation quick and easy.
  • Keeps the heat in – We all love being cosy inside when it’s cold outside, which our interlocking floor tiles can help with, especially when it comes to your kitchen floor! The kitchen tiles insulate the sub-floor which helps to keep the warmth in your home during the winter months, and also helps to reduce your energy bills.
  • Variety – At R-Tek Manufacturing we know it’s important for you to have kitchen tiles that are clean and modern looking and fit in with your décor. That’s why we provide a variety of flooring options which include a range of colours and textured floor tiles, to give you the kitchen floor you’ve always dreamt of!

For some inspiration of tile flooring ideas for your kitchen view our galley or if you know what you’re after get a quick quote, phone us on 028 3751 0367 or email [email protected].