Warehouse Flooring

R-Tek creates hard-working warehouse flooring for every type of work/storage environment. Our heavy-duty flooring options are made to last.

Warehouse Floor Tiles

R-Tile’s range of warehouse flooring has been developed to meet the demands of modern warehousing environments. This makes R-Tile the perfect flooring solution for any warehouse or factory, with interlocking features providing increased security and durability. 

Manufactured in the UK, R-Tile’s warehouse flooring solution is made from hard-wearing PVC that can withstand high point loading. With dedicated impact resistance, you are looking at warehouse flooring with a 15-year warranty as standard.

R-Tile’s dovetail interlocking system not only allows for quick and easy installation but is unique to our range and offers a much more robust and durable join that remains strong and performs better over its lifespan (compared to similar products from competitors).

R-Tile warehouse flooring solutions are available in a variety of colours, are interchangeable and require minimal upkeep, making it the ideal flooring option for any warehouse, regardless of size.

The Importance of Quality Warehouse Flooring

Installing quality warehouse flooring will ensure operations run smoothly, as chipped, cracked, or uneven floors can prove to be a hazard to employees.

Our interlocking flooring solution can be utilised to cover uneven, damp, and dusty subfloors with little or no subfloor preparation.

R-Tek’s floor tiles are also able to withstand daily wear and tear to keep up with the volume of goods passing through them and provide a safe, durable, and highly cost-effective flooring solution for your warehouse. Whether you’re using forklifts or HGVs that go over the floor constantly, our warehouse floor tiles can take it without issue.

Our colour options also allow for simpler methods of demarcation and visibility for employees, with a wide range of colours to choose from.

Easy to install

Lower life cycle cost

Reduces dust and noise

Easy to clean and maintain

Save Time

CE accredited

No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required

Environmentally sustainable

Excellent durability and slip resistance

Reduces fatigue

Warm – insulates the industrial floor

Choice of 10 colours

Uses For R-Tek Warehouse Flooring

Check out our install and application gallery to give you an idea of the look and ability of the R-Tile warehouse flooring. These tiles are commonly used in the following areas:

Factory – Whether your company produces concrete, toys or sporting goods, a highly durable flooring solution for your warehouse is a must. Here at R-Tile, our factory and warehouse floors offer a robust, hardwearing solution that can withstand heavy footfall and machinery.

Garages – Our range of heavy-duty industrial floor tiles is the perfect flooring solution for commercial buildings where garages adjoin the warehouse. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and objects such as engine hoists and machinery. With brands like Land Rover and Jaguar using our flooring, it gives an idea of the quality of our tiles.

Commercial – Our floor tiles offer excellent anti-slip properties making them a safe and ideal flooring solution for warehouses that double as commercial/public-facing retail spaces. We also offer an R-Tile branded logo service which will put the finishing touch on your commercial flooring project, along with ramps & edges.

Industrial – Our industrial flooring solution provides a cost-effective, robust, and hard-wearing floor tile that has been specifically designed for areas where fork trucks, pallet trucks and stillages are in constant use, or high-bay racking needs supported.

Product Weight & vehicle load information

Warehouse flooring differs based on industry and niche. R-Tek has years of experience helping clients with warehouse flooring installations, and we believe it helps to know the process from start to finish, so your business can work without interruption.

Watch the video to see the various thickness of our tiles and what weight & vehicles they can handle in warehouse environments. 

R-Tile Installation

From preparing tiles and readying the warehouse, R-Tek tiles are a hassle-free option for warehouses and factories. Watch this R-Tile installation video to get an idea of everything required to see how we can install without issue, especially if creating a mat area.

For more information on how to install our flooring solutions, contact us now.

Warehouse Flooring Features

Case Studies

Now that you know how R-Tek Factory Flooring can benefit your workspace, see it in action.

Have a look at how our clients have utilised factory flooring and different tile options like the studded tiles and textured dovetail CE accredited tiles for improved flooring solutions.

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