R-Tile Warehouse Flooring

R-Tile’s range of warehouse flooring has been developed to meet the demands of modern warehousing environments. This makes R-Tile the perfect flooring solution for any warehouse or factory with the interlocking features providing increased security and durability. 

Manufactured in the UK, R-Tile’s warehouse flooring solution is made from hard-wearing PVC that can withstand high point loading and impact, as well as coming with a 15-year warranty. The dovetail interlocking system not only allows for quick and easy installation but is unique to the R-tile range and offers a much more robust and durable join that remains strong and performs better over its lifespan. 

R-Tile warehouse flooring solutions are available in a variety of colours and are interchangeable and require minimal upkeep.

The Importance of Quality Warehouse Flooring

Installing quality warehouse flooring will ensure operations run smoothly, as chipped, cracked or uneven floors can prove to be a hazard to your employees. Our interlocking flooring solution can be utilised to cover uneven, damp and dusty subfloors with little or no subfloor preparation.

R-Tek’s floor tiles are also able to withstand daily wear and tear to keep up with the volume of goods passing through them and provide a safe, durable and highly cost-effective flooring solution for your warehouse. Whether you own a warehouse, factory or other industrial floor property – interlocking floor tiles are a must. 

Before & After

Colour Range


Thick Robust Surface

The R-Tile has been designed as a strong and robust surface with an industry-leading dovetail interlock for added peace of mind. Large warehouses can be loud and floors can be hard to protect should items drop or large vehicles pass through. Our flooring solution offers a reduction in noise pollution, as well as being durable and resistant to wear and tear of constant repetitive movements from wheels of devices with tremendous weight. 

Anti-Slip & Impact Resistant

The R-Tile has been designed with multiple industries in mind and offers a range of health and safety advantages such as anti-slip and impact resistance properties, as well as meeting our industry-standard certifications. Our CE accreditations stand by our quality warehouse flooring products to make them a safe and ideal flooring solution for busy work areas. 

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance with a product designed and manufactured in the UK. R-Tek are ISO9001 certified with quality control carried out on every tile that leaves the factory and therefore we ensure a near 100% quality rating with all of our customers. The R-Tile range is also a great alternative to epoxy resin floors.


When purchasing a flooring solution from R-Tek, we will supply you with easy to follow cleaning guides and videos to help you see first hand how it’s done. We want to ensure the customer journey is a positive one which is why we offer ongoing technical support with our sales team should you have any further questions or need help with installation or maintenance. Order samples to see how the R-Tile works for you. 

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • We offer a free site survey
  • No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required
  • Reduces dust and noise
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Choice of 10 colours
  • Competitive Rates
  • UK Manufacturers

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lower life cycle cost
  • Easy to move and reuse
  • CE accredited
  • Excellent durability and slip resistance
  • Warm – insulates the floor
  • Fire retardant – Bfl S1
  • Reduces fatigue


View our install and application gallery for warehouse flooring to give you an idea of how the R-Tile looks. 

Other suitable uses for the R-Tile:

Factory – Whether your company produces concrete, toys or sporting goods, a highly durable flooring solution for your factory or warehouse is a must. Here at R-Tile, our factory and warehouse floors offer a robust, hardwearing solution that can withstand heavy footfall and machinery.

Garages – Our range of heavy-duty industrial floor tiles is the perfect flooring solution for commercial or residential garages as they are designed to withstand heavy loads and objects such as engine hoists and machinery. With brands like Land Rover and Jaguar using our flooring, it gives an idea of the quality of our tiles. 

Commercial – Our floor tiles offer excellent anti-slip properties making them a safe and ideal flooring solution for busy retail environments, with high traffic footfall. We also offer an R-Tile branded logo service which will put the finishing touch on your commercial flooring project. 

IndustrialThe R-Tile floor tiles are perfect for a variety of industrial solutions including factories, warehouses and much more. Our industrial flooring solution provides a cost-effective, robust and hard-wearing floor tile that has been specifically designed for areas where fork trucks, pallet trucks and stillages are in constant use. 

Install Images

Weight & vehicle load information

This video showcases the various thickness of the R-Tile and what weight and vehicles they can handle in tough industrial working environments. 

Warehouse Flooring Options