Overcoming An Uneven Sub Floor With R-Tile

Our product has been designed to be fitted on any floor or uneven subfloor. With our customers need of an industrial flooring solution that can be installed on a number of different surfaces from concrete to plywood, we got to work creating a product that could meet these needs.

The answer to adoptable flooring in industry

The need for the interlocking tile to be adaptable was the primary reason a number of our customers choosing the R-tile. They did not need to prep the floor and it could be installed straight away. In business time is money and our commercial flooring floor tile saves on both. We not only offer an amazing product but one that is economical for the business.

Customer Feedback

John – Garage owner

“With us being a business that needs our equipment and work space to operate we needed workshop flooring that could go down on our current concrete floor and quickly. The floor wasn’t in great shape but the beauty of the R-tile and the main reason we chose this commercial flooring was its ability to be installed with little to no prep. We couldn’t be happier with the finished workshop floor.”

Stephen – Operations manager

“I needed a sustainable industrial flooring product that could be installed in a large area and quickly! After long hours of research, I found the R-Tile to be the best fit. It met the industrial flooring standard needed and could be installed on our poor sub floor. Very little prep of the floor, quick install and no interruption. What more could I have asked for, an amazing product I cannot recommend enough.”