Tips for choosing commercial flooring

Whether you’re moving to a new office or require a facelift for your existing space, there’s no doubt that office environment contributes to employee satisfaction and efficiency. Here are a few things you should take into consideration when deciding on your new commercial flooring.

Options, options, options

There are different types of office flooring you can consider based on your business needs. Carpeting, Vinyl or wooden floors are some of your options. However, these can cause a few problems which you mightn’t have thought of before you purchased them; Carpets are popular for providing some sort of noise reduction in offices but overtime they can be hard to keep clean and in pristine shape especially if there is a lot of movement and taking spills and accidents into consideration. Vinyl flooring can be a better option for some business as it’s softer under foot and again offers sound reduction, but it can be susceptible to cuts and tears from furniture moving or sharp objects being dropped on it. It also requires a good bit of subfloor preparation as the floor needs to be perfect or else lumps and bumps can be seen through it. Wooden floors are often used in startups to create rustic work environments in keeping with their business culture, but they can cause a lot of noise which results in employee distraction, and also can leave unwanted marks from shoes or furniture.

Don’t compromise on quality and life span

With flooring, it can be an easy mistake to make to only think of a short termsolution , but cutting corners with cheap flooring will probably leave you with more maintenance and repair expenses in the future. There’s all sorts of logistical problems that may occur if you have to replace your flooring every couple of years, so why not think of a flooring solution that can withstand the test of time and doesn’t compromise on quality?

The power of colour

Everyone nowadays knows the importance of branding for your business, and this shouldn’t stop at your office door. Colour and branding of your floor can change the look and feel of your whole office, different colours and textures can be used to distinguish between different areas or simply represent the whole brand identify throughout your space. Don’t underestimate the power of colour for both your employees and customers! Bringing it all Together So what is the best option that offers quality, stands the test of time, colour , branding and beats carpets, vinyl and wooden floors? We personally recommend R-Tile Commercial interlocking floor tiles; not like we’re bias or anything! R-Tile Commercial floor tiles are better than the options outline above as they;
  • Can withstand busy work environments, have excellent anti-fatigue properties meaning they are comfortable to walk and stand on.
  • They are easily cleaned and maintained, resulting in less money spent a few years down the line.
  • They are also very easy to install, require very little subfloor preparation and can even be installed over uneven subfloors, which means less hassle for you.
  • They provide significant noise reduction meaning a less noisy office which doesn’t distract employees.
  • If there are any serious accidents that cause damage to the tiles, it is very easy to replace as they are loose lay and no adhesives are required, making it a two-minute job!
  • There are 7 different options you can choose from in our Design Collection range, alternatively there are 10 different colours and 4 different textures in our standard range. To enhance your branding even further we also do colour matching and logo printing!
If you’re convinced R-Tile commercial floor tiles are for you, contact us, email [email protected] or phone 02837510367 to discuss your needs or to even request free samples.