R-Tile find success with new patent range of interlocking floor tiles

R-Tile have successfully carried out numerous installations of the patented new generation of robust, loose lay, hidden interlocking floor tiles, which provide customers with the look and feel of ceramic but performance of vinyl.

R-Tile recognised a need in the market for more cost effective and efficient flooring solution that was better than epoxy/resin, that could provide all the benefits of interlocking floor tiles but offered more modern designs that reflected the looks offered by vinyl flooring solutions.

R-Tile’s commitment to the commercial market lead to working with a national supermarket chain to develop the R-Tile terrazzo design interlocking floor tile. This was a very stringent process which involved specific designs and health and safety tests, which resulted in numerous successful large scale installations.

The innovative R-Tile Design Collection tiles consist of a five step process. The first layer is an injection moulded substrate of pure, ultra-stable vinyl which includes the hidden, robust interlocking system. This is then backed with a layer of glass fibre reinforcement, then a film layer of exclusive R-Tile designs, a fourth layer of extra strong transparent vinyl is applied and then they are finished off with a matt PU protective layer.

R-Tile interlocking floor tiles uses the special ‘hot press’ production method which involves literally pressing the various levels of the product together, resulting in a stiffer product. This provides numerous advantages such as the tiles are more dimensionally stable, deeper colour effects are possible which means strong design appearance and in register embossing is possible.

R-Tile design collection interlocking floor tiles can now be found in numerous supermarkets and retail chains across the UK and Europe, for example Tesco, Asda, Spar, Costcutter, SportsDirect.

You can view the design collection range for more information or contact us for a quote, email [email protected] or phone 028 3751 0367.