The R-tile commercial flooring solution is perfect for any company that needs a quality flooring product, minimal down time for installation, and easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Why choose our interlocking flooring system?

The two-main advantage of our commercial flooring tile is its durability and adoptability. The R-tile has been used in every industry from factory flooring to office flooring. The R-tile research and development team are constantly looking at ways to improve our interlocking flooring system in various colours and finishes. We have worked with companies across the world and are fast spreading the word of our revolutionary quality interlocking flooring system. 

Where can the Interlocking floor tile be used? 

This is the beauty of the R-tile commercial flooring, there are no limits for use. We have listed a few examples below of the sectors we have used the R-tile in.· 

  •  Office flooring 
  •  Factory Flooring  
  •   Warehouse flooring  
  •  Retail flooring 
  •   Gym Flooring 
  •   Garage Flooring  
  •   Workshop Flooring  
  •   Anti-Static Flooring Areas 
  •  ESD flooring Areas  
  •    Residential floor areas

The durability of the R-tile 

We have worked very hard to ensure that our commercial grade tiles have been made to the highest standard and offer peace of mind to our customers. With everything from ESD flooring specifications and slip ratings in mind we have left no stone unturned when it comes to safety and the needs of our customers.

An economical Flooring option 

The R-tile is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and offers our customers an eco tile that helps save the environment.

The process is explained in detail on our sustainable product page.  Please call now for a quote on our interlocking flooring tiles.