R-Tile Design Collection Flooring

The R-Tile Floor Design Collection is a patented new generation of robust, hidden interlock, loose lay LVT.

The Design Collection is available in modern designs and with unique colour matching moulding grout edging providing ceramic aesthetics and vinyl performance.


Install Images

Installation and Cleaning

Key Benefits


  • As the tiles are loose lay, no adhesive is required, installation instructions are available on request.
  • Easy replacement or repair of individual tiles.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance due to PU coating.
  • No subfloor preparation – can be installed over exiting floor coverings, also poor and uneven sub
  • No adhesive required as they are loose lay
  • Robust hidden interlock – suitable for wheeled traffic up to 1000kg
  • High dimensional stability – heterogeneous construction with glass fibre reinforcement
  • Improves acoustic performance – providing significant noise reduction
  • No need to interrupt daily business activity – no loss of revenue
  • Excellent anti fatigue properties – comfortable to walk and stand on
  • Low VOC emissions meet AgBB requirements, DIBt (Germany) and all Indoor air quality (France) (A* label)

The R-Tek Manufacturing range of tiles are environmentally friendly, once they have reached the end of the useful life we can collect the tiles and recycle them to produce the next generation of R-Tile.

There is also no wastage in the manufacture of R-Tiles as any rejected tiles and surplus material are recycled on site.