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Commercial Kitchen Flooring Blog


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Meta Description: R-Tile is the perfect base flooring for commercial kitchen flooring. See how we can help you with our kitchen flooring.

R-Tile is the perfect flooring option for commercial kitchens, as slip resistance and flooring safety are important consideration in a busy kitchen environment, the R-Tile interlocking floor tile range offers excellent anti-slip properties making them a safe and ideal flooring solution for busy environments with high foot traffic.

We listened to our clients when they told us they needed a flooring which offered quick installation, was easy to clean and maintain, has slip resistance qualities, helped reduced dust and noise while being beneficial to their staff, we solved their flooring problems by creating an affordable durable product, R-Tile is the optimal flooring solution for any commercial setting including a commercial kitchen.

Why choose R-Tile for your commercial kitchen?

R-Tek’s safety flooring experts will work closely with you to consider the finer details of your commercial kitchen flooring project and ensure all demands required of your floor are met.

We take health and safety requirements seriously and have taken extra measures to be certain that our interlocking floors can withstand chemicals and heavy machinery that can often be found in commercial kitchens.

The R-Tile range of high-quality commercial kitchen flooring offers an excellent alternative to traditional non-slip flooring solutions such as sheet vinyl or ceramic tile, the R-Tile flooring solution is quick and easy to install and maintain making R-Tile a suitable flooring system for busy work environments.

All R-Tile floor tiles are CE accredited and have been successfully installed in many kitchen environments, they are made from hardwearing PVC material which can withstand high point loading and impact ensuring the longevity of the tiles, helping to reduce the overall life cycle cost, for peace of mind the R-Tile has the assurance of a high product guarantee.

 R-Tile are loose lay with a unique and more robust superior dovetail interlocking join which is almost invisible when installed, meaning it offers a better flooring solution than epoxy / resin. The tiles require minimal subfloor preparation saving precious installation time and therefore less loss of revenue.

At R-Tek we are always focusing on a greener manufacturing solution, our commercial kitchen tiles are engineered with sustainability in mind with the R-Tile being 100% recycled and recyclable.

We have an R-Tile suitable for every commercial kitchen, with so may variations of styles and colours to choose from, our experts will ensure you get the flooring you want and need. The R-Tek team will take all your needs into consideration and ensure your expectations are met.    

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