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What type of flooring fits your commercial property?

Want to know the type of flooring you should be using for your commercial setting? We highlight some of the factors below. Hotel Flooring Hotel flooring needs to offer not just practicality but style and a look that will impress guests and give them a feeling of luxury and money […]

Protecting Your Commercial Flooring During The Winter Months

Protecting Your Commercial Flooring During The Winter MonthsBusinesses can incur a number of problems throughout the winter months, but their commercial flooring should not be one of them. Winter can cause problems with logistics and even staff when cold weather strikes but one of the last things people expect is […]

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Commercial Flooring Option

Consider your needs Never go in blind to a flooring project, list the needs and legal requirement of your businesses flooring needs. Do I have slip ratings to meet? Will these tiles give my commercial space the correct feel and look? These are all questions you should be asking yourself […]

8 Steps To Find The Perfect Factory Floor

As a factory manager, you have a range of responsibilities under your belt. These include production management, streamlining processes, making sure health and safety guidelines are adhered to and keeping employees productive. But the maintenance and upkeep of the factory is something successful factory managers need to address. Poor working […]

Oakham Co-Op

The Co-operative Group is one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives, owned by more than eight million members. It is the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer operating across the country with almost 2,800 local, convenience and medium-sized stores.Problem –In the Oakham store, initially a resin granulated poured flooring material was first used for […]

R-Tile Help Tesco Stay Chilled

How R-Tile can help you stay chilled R-Tile have successfully launched and trailled a new specification of industrial interlocking floor tiles in Tesco Blanchardstown, Ireland. The R-Tile industrial interlocking floor tiles have been designed for commercial cold rooms to provide an impervious flooring solution which is easy to clean and […]

Don’t Get Tricked This Halloween

Don’t get tricked this HalloweenAs people start to pour into your shop for the Halloween essentials, and the weather not helping any spirits (pun not intended) or more importantly your shop floor, don’t be caught out by accidents waiting to happen!Did you know thatThe HSE have reported that “there were […]

The Problem With Searching For ‘Factory Flooring’?

You would be mistaken to think that your options for factory flooring simply meant choosing between wooden or vinyl flooring solutions, as these are the results you would get when searching ‘factory flooring’ on Google. However, this is probably not what you’re after and you probably have to re-search with […]

Brief History Of Factory Flooring

Factory flooring has changed a lot of the last few hundred years from just a concrete or wooden floor from the Victorian era to the heavily reinforced PVC floors of the modern day. There are a lot of different types of flooring on the market and this is because of […]

Textured Dove Tail Dark Grey

Interlocking Floor Tiles & Benefits

The R-tile commercial flooring solution is perfect for any company that needs a quality flooring product, minimal down time for installation, and easy cleaning and maintenance.  Why choose our interlocking flooring system? The two-main advantage of our commercial flooring tile is its durability and adoptability. The R-tile has been used in every […]