What is R-Tile made from?

The tiles are made from 100% PVC compound and we also offer a range of recycled tiles in black and grey.

How are the tiles maintained?

Please refer to our installation and maintenance instructions for a more in -depth guide to cleaning but in general terms we recommend that firstly you sweep or vacuum up dust and then damp [not wet] mop the tiles. Water by itself or with a small quantity of detergent will suffice with either a mop or […]

In what instances do I need to use an adhesive with R-Tile?

In the vast majority of applications the tiles can be loose laid and no adhesive is required. Exceptions to this are when the tiles are to be installed in an area where a forklift truck with a very high point loading is being used. Examples of this area: a. Reach truck or a 3-wheeled forklift […]

What tools are required to install R-Tile?

One of the many advantages of using R-Tile is that no specialist tools are required other than: a. rubber mallet to connect the interlocking joints b. Stanley knife with a concave blade c. when cutting the industrial R-Tiles an alternative to the Stanley knife is an electric jigsaw or a table saw. A blade suitable […]

Can I use heavy machinery such as floor jack or forklift?

Yes. When installing R-Tile in environments where heavy machinery such as forklifts is in use, we recommend that our 7mm industrial dovetail join is used. The uniqueness of this join provides an interlocking system which is superior to that of our competitors. In some instances it may be necessary to adhere the tiles. For advice […]