Why Choose The R-Tile?


All of our products are produced from recycled materials and the waste from production goes straight back into the next batch of products, maximising the reduction of our carbon foot print.

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Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

The R-Tile has been designed and developed with cleaning and maintenance in mind. We use specially engineered materials and machinery to ensure our interlocking floor system offers an easy to cleaning surface repelling dirt and grime.  

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Quick Install

This is where the R-Tile shows one of its best advantages. With the simple interlocking floor system it can be installed in a matter of hours rather than days. The tile means less down time and money wasted.

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Style & Colour

The research and design team within R-Tek no only want to make a practical, long lasting product but a stylish flooring solution on a variation of colours and finishes. 

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Customers Using Our Product